If you have a Dell notebook with ServiceTag: 1D3B1F661F5A6FF1 or 3A5B, our site will allow you remove password from the BIOS or HDD.

You must only specify for us your ServiceTag which you can see as soon as you turn on your notebook. We will do for you the hardest part – by removing the password. Our system works automatically and after a few minutes you will get from us e-mail with password.

How to remove password? Here’s a instruction:

  1. When you turn on your notebook , you should wait for the screen with a password.
    Here you will find ServiceTag. It’s a string of seven digits, then dash and at the end: 1D3B1F661F5A or 3A5B, for example: 1234567-1D3B or 1234567-1F66
    In the case of eight or eleven marks before 1234567-1D3B password is protected on the HDD.


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